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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dinner, Drinks, & Dancing

First night out: My Spain bestie and I went out Friday night. Whew! I'm still recovering. The night started around 10pm and ended the next morning at 5am.
Dinner/10pm: We ate dinner and ordered the Menu del Dia. Menu del Dia is a very economical way of getting a three course meal or two courses and a beverage(from 9-15euros). I chose two courses and red wine. I had two native Galician dishes(Caldo Gallego-soup) and for an appetizer we shared Pulpo(Cut up and seasoned Octopus). Both were very delicious. I thought the look of Pulpo would gross me out but it was well textured and the slightly spicy olive oil that it was soaking in was just right.
Caldo Gallego and Pulpo

Merluza a la Romana con patatas fritas

I swear this was the equivalent of four glasses of wine..
Drinks/11:30pm: We went to a bar owned by a very personable and gracious Angolan woman, Vania. Her bar, La Negra Tomasa,!/barlanegratomasa, is a small quaint spot to have drinks and meet new people. She has Singles Tuesdays and Language Exchange Wednesdays. And ADIOS MIO, she make the BEST Mojitos(my favorite alcoholic beverage!) She using Hierba Buena(can't find the translation) instead of mint and brown instead of white sugar. The hierba buena smelled heavenly. I'm committed to learning how to make this wonderful concoction before leaving here. Then.....I tried one of her more economic choices, a mini-coctel, Bamboleo(yes, the name of the song). It was very strong and also very tasty! #Stamp of Approval!

La Negra Tomasa


Fresh Mojito!


Next stop/1am: Guayaba, a Dominican Discoteca that has the most spacious dance floor to practice Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa. I didn't dance too much but for some reason my left hip was a bit sore afterwards. Clearly, I need to practice my hip swinging! All in all a good time!
 *Side note: There was a mini altercation, inside then outside, so keep your eyes open. No one outside of the two fighting individuals was hurt.*

3:30am: We met up with Vania after she closed her bar and went to two more clubs in Centro Historico. Seculo:, a smaller, more crowded, less authentic Guayaba. There was glass and liquor all over the floor. Maybe I would have liked it more if I didn't have on calf hair leopard flats and had had a few more drinks. But I'll give it another try, maybe I'll wear my rainboots next time...

4am: Retablo, a more sophisticated, American looking club. It has all the bells and whistles of your shiny, lights flashing, two floor club. I actually liked it! The music was a mixture of popular American and Latin American music. It was the first place I saw Ciroc and Grey Goose. I only stayed for 20 minutes because I was tired but I'll definitely return.
#Stamp of Approval!

4:26am: Walking home. A bit discomforting at first but as I relaxed it became meditative.

If I haven't said it before: I love this place!

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