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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gastronomia y Siestas(Food and Naps)

Why oh why has the U.S. not adopted siestas??? For those who don't know, siestas are a break in the middle of the day where one has ample time(1-3 hours) to eat, nap, run errands, etc. This morning I attended orientation for all of the Galician assistant teachers. After the orientation ended at 1pm my coordinator and I went to the mall(less than ten minutes walking distance from my house), copied documents I needed to open a bank account-yadda yadda-and then we ate a three course lunch! I am so full right now. But guess what I'm going to do? Take a nap! And no, I don't want to become a fatty while I'm here so I'll probably go for a walk or run later on this evening...

Canelones Verduras

Pescado Planchado

Helado Fresa y Flan

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