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Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: Free Yourself

Below is a picture of my latest tattoo(shhhhh, don't tell my mom. It's my 7th and she doesn't know yet ;). It's the Spanish word for freedom-LIBERTAD. I got the tattoo a month before embarking on my Spanish living adventure. I think it really embodies the emotions that I've had for the past year or so and how I want to continue living my life-Freely Liberated-to be exact.  I quit my job, put all my things in storage, put my American life on hold, and moved here. I'm 29 years old, no physical attachments, and my sole responsibility is myself. I want to grow and evolve while I'm here and for the rest of my life.

So be inspired this week to Free Yourself. Whether it's just for one moment by reading this blog, praying or meditating, running, affecting the life of someone else by volunteering, listening to your favorite song, shopping ;),  going on a trip, or simply drinking a cup of tea and looking out the window-take some time to yourself and be FREELY LIBERATED

I absolutely LOVE this song! Wale ft. Jazmine Sullivan: World Tour-Let's go!
On my left side, under my arm. It hurt so good ;)

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