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Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: Give of Yourself (La Mariposa Eco-hotel and Spanish School)

The central goal of the Mariposa is to bring as much Western capital (starting with my own) as possible into Nicaragua in order to try and pay back a tiny, an infinitesimally tiny, amount of the debt which the First World owes to the Third World.
~ Paulette Goudge, Owner of La Mariposa Eco-hotel and Spanish School in Nicaragua
 I am a true believer in giving of one's time, money, etc to someone else. I don't consider it giving back because we all need someone or something that we cannot obtain on our own at some point or another in life. While in Spain I will be volunteering with the Red Cross( La Cruz Roja Espanol). As a volunteer I will be promoting health in high schools by teaching mini health seminars. This position is very dear to me because as a career goal, this is one of the components that I would like to include in my future occupation.

In the past year I've volunteered at community health centers in Washington, DC( The Mary's Center and Family Health and Birth Center). Those positions were more than rewarding and I am definitely looking forward to my new position abroad. It will give me an opportunity to gain greater knowledge of the health care system, the dynamics of health services for youth, and the overall attitude about health and wellness that is had here. Not to mention it will give me more time to learn and practice Spanish!

Here are a few good links to start your volunteer vacation search. Make it a rewarding one!
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Great Source-USA Today Article(2010)
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Masaya Volcano

Relaxing area/Clothes drying area at the School

Outside my Room

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