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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living the Good Life-"The Cafe/Bar LIfe"

I love how the Cafes and Bars serve beer, wine, liquor, coffee, and tea ALL day long. This is definitely a city where one needs to learn(if they don't know already) how to relax and enjoy life. As one of my fellow colleagues said this evening, "'s a different lifestyle here. In the US we keep working even when we have money to survive, here, they can work, save, chill for awhile, go back and work again. We live to work and they work to live". I can dig it! I really can. Why be preoccupied with things or status when we all are going to end up in the same place at the end? I'm not preaching, because, trust me, I like things and I like to have money to buy my things. BUT, I like to do so with as little stress as possible and I want to do it solely for me not to get to where the next person is.

And for the next 8 months I will enjoy relaxing. Work a little, play a lot! Take naps in the afternoon and play some more!

This restaurant was featured in a NY Times article. I'll do my own review soon.

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