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Friday, October 7, 2011

My first grocery store excursion & cooking experience!

Alright, so we all know that eating at home is more economical than eating out. Well, last night I ventured out to shop for groceries. Fortunately, the nearest grocery store is like a Super Walmart! They sell clothes, electronics, wine/liquor, fresh fruit and veggies, anything you can think of! Needless to say I was there for about an hour navigating and exploring while purchasing way more than I'd planned to. *NOTE: Don't go to the grocery store hungry*

Upon arriving you have to pay 1euro for a shopping cart and when it is returned you get .50euro back. Also, if you come in with a open bag you have to put it in one of their clear plastic bags and laminate it shut! Clearly, they do not play when it comes to thievery in the grocery store...

My favorite purchase: A bottle of Vino Tinto(red wine) for .95euros=$1.27!!! I mean, really? It can't get better than that! I have yet to try it but I'm confident it will be pretty good. It's a Spanish wine and all of the glasses I've tried so far have been amazingly smooth and not overly dry(and they only cost 1euro).

Cooking: I cooked spaghetti with fresh, sauteed zucchini, spinach, garlic,  and red peppers. Simple, no? NO is the right answer. To use the stove I had to go onto the terrace and turn on the gas, then turn on the eye, then light it with a lighter(I've never done this before). I burnt the *&(%$ out of my thumb! But after three tries I got it right and made a delicious meal!

Enjoy the colorful pics of the "Super Walmart"!
Laminating machine. The security guard had to show me how to use it.
Boxed wine, less than 1euro!
TONS of olive oil

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