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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My first ROAD TRIP!!!! Not driving, DEFINITELY Flying to.....MADRID!!!

My international bestie and I are going to Madrid next weekend. Luckily, our favorite singer, Erykah Badu, is performing the night we get there! Can you tell? I'm sooooooooo EXCITED!!! And granted combined we have seen Badu perform probably 20 times or more in the U.S., but never in Europe!

Hmph, now I have to figure out what to wear and make a short list of must haves to buy while in the capital city!

And just in case you are into fashion, here is a link to thrift stores in a hipster neighborhood in Madrid. I'll verify next week if these are still open and as cool as they are described HERE ;)
And HERE is a more recent article link to a neighborhood with independent designers.

I don't have a list of eateries yet, but I'm definitely going to be searching long, hard, far, and wide for the best little kitschy spots in town!

And if you have never heard Erykah Badu sing, enjoy this:


  1. Oooooooowwww! Have fun. Ms. Badu ALWAYS puts on a great show.

  2. You're so lucky girl! Have an exciting time! xoxoxoo