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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Rainy Day Walk Around Town

Things that are a MUST have here in Santiago during the winter: 1. Rain boots(with fleece boot socks or fur inside), 2. A big, strong umbrella! 3. A bunch of heavy sweaters and cardigans for layering!
Moving on....I really enjoy independently owned bookstores. There's an abundance of them here in Santiago. Here are a few pictures of books I thought looked interesting and ones that I want to buy. I also got my eyebrows done(um, she used tweezers instead of wax... but I really needed them done! And no complaints, she did a good job) and it only costs 2.80euros=less than $5(check the updated Customs post here).

Isabel Allende, very well known Spanish author from Lima, Peru

Yes, those are grapes. They were for everyone!

 My favorite cyber cafe

And the palm trees during a sunny break from the rain!

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