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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Traveling Essentials & Madrid Shopping List

IPOD Touch(love the Skype app. When I have wi-fi, I can use it as a phone! And text with my free text app), a big scarf/pashmina, my fluffy socks(for chilly flights), Tortoise Shell fold-able Raybans, a magazine/book(Spanish Glamour), a large purse, and of course MY CAMERA!

Shopping List:
1. Leopard Scarf
2. Wool Floppy Hat(obsession!!)
3. Chai Tea Mix(Not sure if I can take it back on the plane...)

I can't believe I fit everything in that gold bag(I had to. Stupid low cost airlines bag restrictions-RYAN AIR). Also try VUELING and EASYJET for cheap flights around Europe.

See ya Monday with LOTS of pics!!!



  1. Ryan-Air is so hit or miss... Though it is nice to have cheap airline options.

  2. My girlfriend couldn't believe I fit all my things in that bag! And wtf? An airlines with no assigned seats? wow...