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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teaching is FUN and Exhausting!!!

I swear I have a new found respect for all those in the world's population that choose to teach as a profession and especially those who volunteer. Teaching is a job that requires an immense amount of patience, confidence, and an ability to just let go. I have a small amount of all three of those things, but one of my life's goal is to increase my level of patience. I'm also going to learn to not get bored with repetition. I have 10 classes and in one day I repeat the same lesson 3 times( 2 sets of 3 classes that are on the same level). Therefore, if you are reading this and you are a teacher-send me a message, leave a comment, tell me how you do it!

I really enjoy my students and my classes. They are very precious, curious, and eager to learn. Everyone, even if they are in the same class, are on different learning levels, and are excited to help each other.  My first lesson after the initial meeting was to have the students listen to a song in English and read the lyrics while I help them translate. It was an amazing lesson! They thoroughly enjoyed it! After the first listen they began singing along before I asked them too! I'm thinking of having them memorize the words and shoot a music video ;) We'll see how that turns out...I used 'Turn It Up' by Oh Land, a Danish born singer, now residing in Brooklyn, New York. This is off of her second album, Oh Land.

By the way, if you are in Washington, DC she will be performing at The Black Cat, December 9th. Wish I could fly over!

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