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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Movie Tuesdays-I LOVE Independent Films

As I was walking around the Historic Center part of town I stumbled across the NovaCaixaGalicia Foundation(Click HERE for website with list of movies). Ever so often they show movies that share a common theme for a month or so. This month they are showcasing female directors. I recommend La Teta Asustada-"The Milk Of Sorrow". I saw this last summer in the states. It is set in Peru and tackles the fear of women who were raped and abused during times of terrorism. The star, a young woman who  suffers from a "disease" that is transmitted through breast milk that is contracted after being abused while or soon after being pregnant, struggles with her disease and the loss of her mother.

Here is a trailer for the movie. I'll be attending the last few movies showings starting next week!

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