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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plaza de Abastos: Open Air Market

I ran this morning-yaaaaay! And I had every intention on purchasing a whole fish(cleaned and de-headed, lol) to cook this evening.....BUT, then I went down the fish aisle and the experience almost turned me into a VEGAN......If you are the squeamish type, don't scroll down...


WTF??!! Skinned lizard anyone??

These were still moving....

I actually like this. It's pulpo-a Galician specialty!


  1. Many seafood is sold live, it's fresh that way lol you don't want dead shellfish or crustaceans lol Yo either buy it cooked or live lol That's how it is at the wharf in DC too lol

  2. Yes, I know that many shellfish are sold live, as I frequent the Wharf in DC to buy my own crustaceans! But that still doesn't mean I like to look at live or dead fish/animals! I only like to see my fish filleted, lol!