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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday Night: A Monologue, One Man Show, Music, and Queimada

Last night I went to a bar, La Agramola, that showcased a few live performances. We saw a one man show (I only understood the context because it was in Galician-the local dialect here in Galicia), a monologue (from an Angolan actor about his new life here as a black man; immigrant, in Spain), and during the breaks a local band performed traditional Galician music.

And, as if the performances weren't enough, the actor from the one man show made us Queimada (a homemade liquor, Aguardiente; similar to "moonshine", poured into a huge bowl, set on fire, then everyone pours themselves a cup while saying what they want to burn. Ex; bad spirits). Watch me pour mine at 2:04:00!

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  1. The pics came out great hehehehhe Great night, it was fun!
    And don't forget Queimada also has sugar added before you burn the aguardiente "moonshine"