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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

English: American or British???

While teaching English here in Spain I have noticed some very distinct differences in the way in which the British speak versus the way in which Americans speak, AND spell, and of course the accent. Some things are obvious, things I knew before arriving here, for example: colOUr vs colOr, biscuits vs cookies, and traveLLing vs traveLing.

But here are some grammar points I didn't know about: British say I HAVE GOT two sisters vs Americans who say I HAVE two sisters(this one annoys me the most!!!) It sounds so strange to me, ugh!

And the time: Half past One vs 1:30. AND because I follow a British fashion blogs, I already knew that a "jumper" is a SWEATER. And of course trousers are pants...

Th problem comes about when I'm speaking naturally and the students don't understand me. And when I encounter British folk who scoff at the idea of me, an American, teaching "American" and not "English". The British actually have a bigger issue with American's use of English, while for the most part, we Americans could care less.

I just had to share my thoughts this morning! 

More examples:
British vs American
1) Maths vs Math
2) Rubbish vs Trash
3) Queue vs Line
4) Biscuit vs Cookie
5) Holiday vs Vacation(This one I like because it's as if you are saying that you have your own personal holiday;days off)!)
6) At the weekend vs On the weekend

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