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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amazing Hot Springs of Ourense, Galicia, Spain; Las Termas en Ourense

What a peaceful, relaxing, and unreal experience...I've been so cold here for the last couple of months. I just feel like I can never thaw out! But last Saturday I was relaxing in the sun on a mountainside with nothing but a bathing suit on; crazy, I know!

Ourense is a town that has been blessed with natural hot springs. People from all over come to bathe in the water and soak up the rich minerals. We visited Las Termas Outariz: a private hot spring where you pay 5 euros(for two hours) to enter. You have access to several pools(some with jets), a restaurant(with surprisingly inexpensive food-just don't order the ramen noodles or miso soup;yuck!) a changing area and bathroom. The public hot springs do not have such "luxuries", but are free. Overall I would recommend this experience to anyone within a few hundred kilometers!

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