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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Una Fiesta en mi Barrio: San Lazaro-Fiesta Gastronómica de Uña

This weekend was the annual Fiesta Gastronómica de Uña. Las uñas are pigs nails....Galicians use the pig's nails to make different types of dishes. Luckily, the pigs nail dishes were only served in restaurants and not out in the open, uck! But there were performances, lots of vendors selling donuts, churros, and candy counted almonds! Also there were traditional rides for the kiddies.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: Viva La Cuba!! Music & Movies

This weekend the weather was sunny(for five minutes), then rainy and cold (alllll weekend). So I decided to stay in, for the most part, and watch FOUR movies, make black beans(for the first time), send emails, and continue reading my first book in Spanish(La tesis de Nancy-Nancy's Thesis). I titled this post as such because I watched Chico y Rita, a wonderful cartoon love story set in Cuba in the 1950s. The story follows the relationship ups and downs of Chico, a pianist, and Rita, a singer. It reminded me of my favorite romance films; Love Jones & Like Water for Chocolate(Como Agua Para Chocolate).

Watch Chico y Rita here or at your local independent theatre

Also, while cooking black beans from scratch(for the first time-so proud of myself!) I listened to this inspiring Cuban rapper/singer from Cuba, Danay Suarez. She raps about individuality, relationships, and politics. And best of all-I understand her Spanish-Me alegro mucho de esto!

Listen: Danay Suarez

Ojala que sea inspirado! I hope that you are inspired!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time to Cook: Fish, Grelos(Turnip Greens), and Skillet Cornbread

I love the fact that I have time to cook here in Spain. I cooked in the States but definitely not like I cook here. I have less money ;) and more time! I finally bought a whole fish(head cut off and cleaned) to cook with Grelos(a typical vegetable here) and skillet cornbread(because my oven doesn't work...) from mix that my wonderful mom sent me! I was seriously going through cornbread withdrawal....The fish is Xarda(Galician), Caballa(Castellano), and Mackerel(English); tasty and inexpensive. It went nicely with the accompanying sides. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marrakesh, Morocco by day....

I LOVE Marrakesh!!! It is absolutely a different world. The people, the food, the craftsmanship of their leather goods, the weather.....(I could go on and on). Two and a half days was enough time to see Marrakesh but I definitely want to visit Casablanca, Fez, and Tangier. I'd also like to explore the option of desert camping. I hope my photos do this marvelous place justice....ENJOY!!

Headed to the Riad

Jamaa El Fna Square

Snail soup-smells bad to me....
Call to Prayer

My new shoes :)
Caught off guard, starting our carriage tour!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: Call to Prayer in Marrakech, Morocco

While in Marrakech this weekend I heard the call to prayer numerous times per day. But one particular day while having tea on a rooftop I heard the call and it felt different. It was different than the other times because we were right above the square where we could see many people closing their shops and heading to the mosque. The sound was powerful, peaceful, and inviting. Literally, it caught us tourists off guard and all we could do was be silent and observe this religious moment. I share this with you because it made me remember to find some time each day to be silent, still, reflect, and take in the marvels of the natural world. Be Inspired!

Souk Spice Market right before the evening Call to Prayer

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marrakech, Morocco for the big 3-0!!

Yup, I said it, I'm turning 30 on March 10th!!!!! And what better way to celebrate than traveling with a BFF to sunny Marrakech.....I can't wait!!! I've been having dreams(no, literally) about this trip for the past week. This song by M.I.A. and this delicious Moroccan Stew(RECIPE) have held me over for the last few weeks, now I'm ready for the real thing. Morocco here I come!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Let us age gracefully! In less than a week I'll be 30....but I don't really feel especially happy or sad. I feel like I'm at a point in my life where what I do everyday, who I interact with, and what I ultimately accomplish defines who I am and not my age. So no, I don't FEEL like I'm getting old(whatever that means), I just feel like me-like I've always felt.-Be Inspired!

"You don't start getting old until you start having regrets"

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seville, Spain: Tapas, Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede, and Flamenco shops!!

This house was for sale, I want it!!-Alameda de Hercules neighborhood
Because we only had 24 hours in Seville and arrived in the afternoon we were only able to do a walking tour(self-guided; got lost two times) of Seville and view the Cathedral(the largest in Spain;third largest church in the world) from the outside and visit many tapas bar(not a bad thing!). This Cathedral sits on the site of a former Muslim(who ruled Spain for 700 years) Mosque that was torn down due to poor conditions. I definitely want to return to Seville to soak up more of the southern Spanish culture(Muslim influence, tapas, and warm weather).

My apologies for this poor shot of the Cathedral. I need to learn how to use Panorama mode on my camera....


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Granda, Spain by night: El Perro Andaluz and Makeba

Sadly on Sunday night during carnaval in Granada there were only two bars open! My friend and I stumbled across El Perro Andaluz (a bar with nightly Flamenco show-6 euros) and while there we met three new friends from London. After a few drinks we were still in party mode so we headed to Makeba (a reggae bar just around the corner). Good times!

Granada, Spain: Kasbah Teteria(Tea House)

Calle Caldereria Nueva is a narrow street lined with Teterias(Tea Houses) and little souvenirs shops selling little pieces of Morocco. My friend and I went to Kasbah for a much needed rest after visiting the Alhambra. She had tea with rum and I had tea with orange liqueur; they were both delicious. Accompanying our infusions were crepes and other pastries, yummy!