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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Auxiliares de Conversación-My ticket to living in Spain

I remembered the other day that I have been blogging about my travels around Europe but have failed to write a post about how I arrived at the decision to come here and how I eventually got here! For starters, I've been learning Spanish for 16 years! Unfortunately while taking a break from college I didn't use any of the Spanish I'd learned and lost a lot of it. And for the past four years I've been trying to improve and learn Spanish all over again.
During the summer of 2010 I went to Middlebury College's Intensive 7 Week Language Course(more on that in another post). While I was there the director of my program suggested that I apply for North American Cultural Language Ambassadors. After much deliberation I applied, was accepted, and here I am! 
Program Details:
The online application is open from November-March each year. 
You must submit a list of documents including, but not limited to: Police background check, Health Clearance, Letters of Recommendation, etc.
You must be a native English speaker and are in or have finished college.
You are responsible for purchasing your own ticket to and from North America.
You are responsible for finding your own living quarters.
You should bring enough money to cover your first two months living expenses.
You receive a stipend of 700-1000 euros/month(deposited into your Spanish bank account).
Job Responsibilities:
You are an assistant NOT the main teacher.
You are responsible for creating English based cultural activities for your students.
These activities can range from listening to and translating a song in English to preparing restaurant role-play dialogues.
100% FREE HEALTHCARE: General, Optical, & Dental
You are in Europe-so TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL!!
You are in a position to learn or improve your Spanish.
You will meet and become lifelong friends with people from ALL over the world.

**I hope this little summary helps anyone interested in taking a break from their routine lives in order to travel and live abroad. If you have any questions, just contact me!**

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