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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blogilates 90 Day Challenge 5 Day check-in!

End of the first day: I'm feeling light and clean! I was able to eat all of the meals except one today. Unfortunately I didn't do the workout today because I felt like crap from traveling and whatnot...but I'm going to bed extra early to do the workout tomorrow!

End of second day: I don't know if it's the coffee(with soymilk) I had this morning or the workout but I was super psyched and pumped up today! I even came home and made all of my meals for tomorrow(because it's going to be very busy).....

And after shopping at three stores, I finally have everything I need. I like that the meal plan is vegetarian and vegan friendly, but next week I'm going to go totally dairy free-no eggs or yogurt. And I'm happy that I'm involuntarily removing sugar, bread, and cheese from my diet; something that I keep failing to do on my own....!

End of third day I'm sore to say the least, but am enjoying every minute of it! I had temptations of cake, cheese, and rolls-but I overcame them :) I'm most proud that I was able to compactly fit all of my meals for tomorrow(when I'll be traveling to Barcelona) into my bag! I'll just have to make smart choices for the other days while I'm there.-Great Workout!

End of four day(traveling): I was still sore and it felt so good, lol! I ate all of my food for the day, except one meal.Thanks to my Ipod and wifi, I was able to do my entire workout in my hotel room :)

End of fifth day(traveling): I ate almonds, fruit and yogurt throughout the day and my two large meals were salads-kinds sad and hungry today...But in 36 hours I'll be home and back to my normal routine!-didn't workout, will definitely go for a run tomorrow.

Meal Pics-forgive the pic quality, they were taken quickly using Photobooth...
Protein Pancakes-delish!!

Garbanzos and Fish-a spinach/tomato salad will accompany this

Quinoa, red peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini


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  2. Excellent! I am on day 4 (started a day after you). I did a 35 min run today and did two of the POP Videos, and boy did I sweat! The honey is brining salmon later so I can cook it with baked sweet potato and broccoli. Just finished eating hummus w/ cilantro and bell peppers and had the protein pancakes this morning. I exercised 3 times this week, but I'm going to up the ante this coming week.

    It is better when you have people you can have health and fitness goals with ; )