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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage Shops-Madrid, Spain-Malasaña Neighborhood(Tribunal Metro)

What a wonderful find! I met this gorgeously dressed woman in the Sol neighborhood who, after a quick convo and photo shoot, directed me to the best neighborhood in Madrid, Malasaña, with streets lined with little boutiques and vintage shops! Note: most shops are closed during siesta(2-5:30).  I bought a several things for 5 euros in La Mona Checa-my favorite!!! I'll definitely be back. Check out THIS ARTICLE from a Spanish blogger. She interviewed the owners of Biba Vintage and The The Storage!
The List(Calle Velarde) 
1. Biba Vintage- Online Store
2. The The Storage
3. La Mona Checa-Blog
4. Miss Vintage-Blog
5. Magpie Vintage-Blog

My gracious guide to Madrid Vintageland!

Lense-less Glasses-9 euros

1930's war jacket-NOT FOR SALE

Magpie Vintage: Funky Jacket-dress thingy-19 euros

Calle Velarde, 2
Long, shimmery, button back skirt-5 euros!!

Long, hippy, halter dress-5 euros!!!

Poncho-25 euros; SOLD

Poncho 25 euros; Left in store....
Awesome painting of Spike Lee in a sneaker shop!

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  1. Next time I'm in Madrid, I need to hit up this place! You have to go to Milan though, I have this map that's a fashion guide to all of Milan, when I was there we went to the Vintage section and this street was lined with all these cool shops....but of course my camera was dead most of the trip and I forgot the adapter. #Poorplanning lol