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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Shops Madrid: Part Two

Deciding to extend my stay in Madrid for an entire week resulting in visiting my favorite neighborhood, Malasaña, revisiting the vintage shops. Here are some photos of the clothing that was purchased by my friend, Chef Lauren Von Der Pool and I. We didn't know that it would reach 85 degrees later in the week so we had to purchase summer clothing while there, lol! Some items I saved for Paris or were so awesome that they needed repeating!

I'd also like to introduce a funky little family owned boutique(not vintage) that's in the same neighborhood called Berlin 1927. They have clothing for every shopper's budget and handmade jewelry from the owner's daughter!

In case you missed the first Vintage Shop Madrid blog post, click HERE

Lauren wearing dress from La Mona Checa(10 euros) at San Miguel Mercado(Madrid)

Pants from Magpie Vintage(10 euros)

Shirt from Magpie(3 euros) and Levi's cutoffs from The Storage Storage(12 euros)
Shirt from Berlin 1927(11 euros) and cutoffs(see above pic) at Buttes Chaumont Park in Paris
Kangol Crop Sweatshirt(12 euros) from La Mona Checa and Culotte jeans(18 euros) from Magpie

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cafe Rosa Bonheur in Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris

"What? A bar right smack dab in the middle of a park??"-I thought as I approached the long line and crowded outside patio of Cafe Rosa Bonheur in Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris. And "yes" was the answer that I received as I passed tons of men holding beer glasses, tossing their heads back in laughter, and wearing the most incredible gear! The line controller didn't speak much English so we decided to just walk on past. But after hanging out on the grass our thirst got the best of us so we went back to the line controller, batted our eyes, and proceeded to walk right in; in front of the sea of people waiting in line(don't judge! my bestie had to pee, hahahaha).

 After grabbing a couple of beers, 30 seconds of video, and a few photos we perused the crowd. Toward the end of our visit, my bestie decided to take a photo of me trying to hurriedly finish my beer(I don't really like beer) and as I leaned back this man attempted(and succeeded) in pulling a string off of my cutoff shorts! This silly event lead to questioning...Man-"So you know this is a gay bar, right?" Me-"Yes". Man-"Ok, well just don't think that you are going to find a man here!" And it's even more hilarious because my bestie was talking to this man's friend and the friend was saying the SAME exact thing to her...sheesh, can't a couple of cute girls just have a drink without strolling for husbands??!!

On that note: Enjoy the pics and vid!

Fly Parisian Guy
He told me(in French) that "SOME" was a vitamin. I told him that I spoke English. He then laughed and said "Oh, that's what I tell the French because they don't get the phrase"....

Strolling In The Park: Parc des Buttes Chaumont in Paris

Watching Winter turn to Spring, hmm, mm...that's the time, I feel like making dreams come true..." I hope you all remember that song! It popped into my head while starting to write this post. Last weekend while in Paris the forecast predicted rain, but alas, it was sunny and at times very warm! At the end of our last day there, my bestie and I enjoyed people watching at Parc des Buttes Chaumont(Paris' Central Park). Located at the Botzaris metro stop(Line 5 or 7)-it's huge, filled with grassy hills, trees, ponds, and most importantly-very interesting people! Our only regret was not being prepared to lounge for hours with a bottle of wine, a baguette, and cheese ;) But if you grow tired of walking around or sitting in the grass, stop by Cafe Rosa Bonheur, in the center of the park, for a beer and to have a chat with the boys(gay boys, that is ;)

Road Trip Music: Lianne La Havas

I've been listening to Lianne for a few months now and was just reminded of her soulful, fresh voice and approach to music today after watching her new video. I have to say that I am a bit bias because she has my middle name as her first, but names aside Lianne's style and creativity is one of it's own.

I love that this video is actually made of concert/road trip footage! Enjoy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

International DJ Edition Theo Parrish at Le Social Club-Paris

Paris rocks!!! Saturday, May 19th my bestie and I checked into Hotel Le Rocroy in the Gare Du Nord neighborhood in Paris, France for our two night stay. While looking at maps and coordinating plans we met DJ Theo Parrish, from Detroit, Michigan. He graciously invited us to his set at Le Social Club that evening to rock out to the most unfamiliar, but most original set I've ever heard! At one point it sounded as if he was an entire band taking turns playing a piano, a bass guitar, and drums! I am so happy that I was able to share this experience with my bestie on her 30th! What a way to bring in her NEW YEAR!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Life Is Short, So Eat Dessert First!!-Inspiration Monday

Living in Europe I've learned about the importance of eating dessert. There are a multitude of pastry shops (about 10 between my house and the center of town) everywhere you look stocked full of chocolate filled this and sugary glazed coated that. After ripping three pairs of jeans since September, I've learned to respect the sugary, sweet, decadent delights.

May it have been pastries like croissants, almond cake(Santiago specialty), gelato, or toasted custard, just to name a few, I tried them all! I realized that I'd become an abuser and not just a gracious connoisseur. I've since learned to respect dessert. Because of the unfortunate event(S) of my ripped jeans and my renewed lifestyle choice of indulgence in moderation, I've employed a new motto: LIFE IS SHORT SO(why not) EAT DESSERT FIRST! This revelation came to me while on a recent trip to Madrid when my ice cream addicted friend suggested that because we were hungry and in the neighborhood of his favorite ice cream shop, GiangRossi, we should eat our dessert FIRST! My mom also loved the idea and said "Why not? Life is short, so eat dessert first!" And subsequently this theme followed us throughout the e....n....t...i...r....e week ;) So be inspired to enjoy life by eating dessert first, relaxing before starting a new project, shopping before paying your next bill(just kidding!), or whatever fits your indulgence needs BECAUSE life is short!-Enjoy the pics....

Chocolate covered chestnuts and homemade strawberry yogurt ice cream at Odezaseis(Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

Molten, hot and cold brownie at Goizeko(Madrid) 

All I can remember is that this was Goizeko
Macaroons at La Maison Larnicol Chocolaterie (Paris)
Confortel Alcalá Norte Hotel (Madrid): Caramel cake at the breakfast buffet

Chocolate chip cake at the breakfast buffet
Frozen yogurt, small, with almost every topping they had!!-Paradice Cream(Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Friend, Lauren, delighted over our specially made fruity, layered, yogurt dish made by Chef David at AC Palico del Retiro Hotel(Madrid)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Serena William Wins Madrid Open 2012.....Inspiration Mondays

....And I was there!!! Well, I was there all week up until the final match. Serena won Sunday afternoon against Azarenka( 6-1 and 6-3) after just two sets. Her win comes after not playing in many tournaments during this last year, but she showed the world that SHE IS BACK and better than ever!

Last week, all week, I was in Madrid attending the Mutua Madrid Tennis Tournament. I saw Venus and Serena Williams, Donald Young, and a few others play on the newly changed blue tennis court at La Caja Magica Stadium. My mother is a HUGE tennis fan so this was a dream come true for her! I like all sports, but I especially like watching them live, so we were mutually in agreement with prolonging our Madrid visit from a few days to an entire week!

During the week we ate well, shopped the city, and partied like it was our last time in Madrid(my 6th and last time before I go back to the States). I'll be posting restaurant reviews and adding a Vintage Shops Madrid Part 2. But for now enjoy my shots from the tennis matches!

Venus winning her qualifying match!
Picture time during a set break-my mom and me

Serena POWERHOUSE Williams kicking butt!!

Donald Young!!

Blogilates 90 Day Challenge: 17 Day Check-In

I'm still going at it, and it hasn't been easy. My mom is visiting and I ate a teeny spoonful of her strawberry ice cream, and a small plate full of chestnuts drizzled with chocolate while we were eating out....I know, I know. BUT I've been eating WAY more salads, beans, and almonds-AND I haven't eaten a morsel of bread(my KRYTONITE). AND I haven't been snacking heavy. I realized that I am always looking/planning for my next snack/meal(greedy girl confession). By following this challenge I'm learning to eat in moderation and ONLY when I'm really hungry, not just when I'm bored, lol! So now when I'm hungry(or think I'm hungry), I grab a few almonds, a banana, or more importantly-WATER! Enough about my greediness-here are some fun videos I've done and would recommend. Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Most Stylish Cities: USA

I was checking out Styelist via the Huffington Post last week and came across THIS article about the most stylish cities in the US and was surprised at some of the rankings...Irvine, California #1, Washington, DC #9 (we've got some styling to improve, but at least we cracked the top ten!). Check it out for yourself and make your own decision....

Friday, May 4, 2012

Road Trip Music....FLWRPT

Take a trip with me and be put into a trance by.........The Stuyvesants. One of the members of this Brooklyn, NY based group has a blog that serves up nothing but mix after mix of transcendental goodness. After first downloading their album HERE, I perused the rest of the site and found FLWRPT's blog full of FREE music mix downloads for almost every season of weather and my life! These three mixes are some of my favorites. Enjoy on your next road trip or anytime you want to take a mental trip...... ;)

Mix Link HERE
Mix Link HERE

Mix Link HERE

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Like I've said before, two of the things that I love and appreciate in life are TRAVEL & FASHION. I read travel and fashion magazines and blogs almost everyday. About a year ago I was elated to come across STYLELIKEU, a site dedicated to showcasing stylish individual's closets and interests. STYLELIKEU doesn't have a travel component but a lot of the features are avid travelers. The three that are my favorite at the moment are women that have traveled immensely and have garments and stories to prove it. Enjoy!

Wamuhu Waweru-Travel Consultant/Her Feature HERE
Angel Clouthier-DJ/Her Feature HERE
Alexandria Hilfiger-Creative Consultant & Art Director/Her Feature HERE