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Monday, May 21, 2012

Life Is Short, So Eat Dessert First!!-Inspiration Monday

Living in Europe I've learned about the importance of eating dessert. There are a multitude of pastry shops (about 10 between my house and the center of town) everywhere you look stocked full of chocolate filled this and sugary glazed coated that. After ripping three pairs of jeans since September, I've learned to respect the sugary, sweet, decadent delights.

May it have been pastries like croissants, almond cake(Santiago specialty), gelato, or toasted custard, just to name a few, I tried them all! I realized that I'd become an abuser and not just a gracious connoisseur. I've since learned to respect dessert. Because of the unfortunate event(S) of my ripped jeans and my renewed lifestyle choice of indulgence in moderation, I've employed a new motto: LIFE IS SHORT SO(why not) EAT DESSERT FIRST! This revelation came to me while on a recent trip to Madrid when my ice cream addicted friend suggested that because we were hungry and in the neighborhood of his favorite ice cream shop, GiangRossi, we should eat our dessert FIRST! My mom also loved the idea and said "Why not? Life is short, so eat dessert first!" And subsequently this theme followed us throughout the e....n....t...i...r....e week ;) So be inspired to enjoy life by eating dessert first, relaxing before starting a new project, shopping before paying your next bill(just kidding!), or whatever fits your indulgence needs BECAUSE life is short!-Enjoy the pics....

Chocolate covered chestnuts and homemade strawberry yogurt ice cream at Odezaseis(Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

Molten, hot and cold brownie at Goizeko(Madrid) 

All I can remember is that this was Goizeko
Macaroons at La Maison Larnicol Chocolaterie (Paris)
Confortel Alcalá Norte Hotel (Madrid): Caramel cake at the breakfast buffet

Chocolate chip cake at the breakfast buffet
Frozen yogurt, small, with almost every topping they had!!-Paradice Cream(Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Friend, Lauren, delighted over our specially made fruity, layered, yogurt dish made by Chef David at AC Palico del Retiro Hotel(Madrid)

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  1. LOVE the caramel cake! Had something similar in Antwerpen. As for the third, not sure what it is, but it looks delish.