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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Shops Madrid: Part Two

Deciding to extend my stay in Madrid for an entire week resulting in visiting my favorite neighborhood, Malasaña, revisiting the vintage shops. Here are some photos of the clothing that was purchased by my friend, Chef Lauren Von Der Pool and I. We didn't know that it would reach 85 degrees later in the week so we had to purchase summer clothing while there, lol! Some items I saved for Paris or were so awesome that they needed repeating!

I'd also like to introduce a funky little family owned boutique(not vintage) that's in the same neighborhood called Berlin 1927. They have clothing for every shopper's budget and handmade jewelry from the owner's daughter!

In case you missed the first Vintage Shop Madrid blog post, click HERE

Lauren wearing dress from La Mona Checa(10 euros) at San Miguel Mercado(Madrid)

Pants from Magpie Vintage(10 euros)

Shirt from Magpie(3 euros) and Levi's cutoffs from The Storage Storage(12 euros)
Shirt from Berlin 1927(11 euros) and cutoffs(see above pic) at Buttes Chaumont Park in Paris
Kangol Crop Sweatshirt(12 euros) from La Mona Checa and Culotte jeans(18 euros) from Magpie

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  1. just catching up on your blog, the Kangol shirt is quite poppin', nice pic