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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Paella in Madrid-La Arroceria de Maria

Thank you Mama Gabana!!! She's my friend's mom who recommended this cute, little, semi-fancy paella restaurant in North Madrid. Because this hidden jewel is off the beaten path I think many tourists will never get over there. But if you are ever in Madrid, please do me a favor and make the trip. It's conveniently located directly in front of Cuidad Lineal Metro. It's also near Calle Alcala, which is filled with many options for shopping(including a Berksha Outlet!!). So after a very hot day at the Madrid Tennis Tournament 2012, we found ourselves cooling off with AlbariƱo (my favorite white wine from Galicia, Spain) and a decadent salad while awaiting our made to order paella.

This is perfect for eating paella! Where can I buy these for my house??
Left-Vegetable Paella/Right-Seafood Paella
Paella to go!

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  1. Ohh thank you so much for sharing your Madrid trip experience..It will be really helpful for future Madrid travelers and also me to plan a Madrid trip itineraries.
    Happy traveling and al d best for your future trips.