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Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Concert Series: SANTIGOLD and Theophilus London

Yes, yes, yes!! I'm going to see Santigold in Baltimore, Maryland next Tuesday. This is one of the few concerts, in my attempt to save money, I'm allowing myself to splurge on. I.CANNOT.WAIT! I've been listening to Santigold for a few years now and have been entranced by her voice, fashion, lyrics, and worldly style. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York it's no surprise that this genre-less star was destined for greatness.

And joining Santigold is an artist that is new to me, Theophilus London. In an effort to learn a bit more about him, I asked Google and he answered with this very informative, aesthetically pleasing GQ article from 2011. Theophilus, also from Brooklyn, was #13 on a 25 best rappers under 25 list compiled by Complex Magazine and also was deemed a Stylish New Yorker by Time Out.
I'm looking forward to hearing his music live, up close, and personal!

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