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Friday, June 1, 2012

Travel Films

One thing I like as much as I like travel and fashion is WATCHING MOVIES!!!! I absolutely love watching foreign, independent, documentaries, romantic comedies, and so on(you get the picture). One early morning while scanning different travel blogs I came across this list of movies. I've seen these two featured below and am looking forward to watching the others. What are you favorite travel films?

Motorcycle Diaries: "The Adventure Can Change You In Ways You Never Imagined
In the early 1950′s, a youthful Ernesto Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado hop on a banged-up motorcycle and embark on an adventure of a lifetime – 5000 miles across Latin America.  This journey, the thrills and set-backs, and the indigenous people they encountered all made a deep impact on the young man, forever changing him and laying the foundation for his later work as the legendary Marxist revolutionary and defender-of-peasants, Che Guevara."-BGF

Up In The Air: "George Clooney and Vera Farmiga are a great combination. This was one of the most highly-anticipated films to hit the frequent flier community. Pithy trailers convinced us that finally Hollywood was trying to understand life on the road for the corporate traveler and the travel addict. It didn’t quite meet up to all the hype and pre-film speculation, but it was pretty darn close. It did effectively convey the perks and the pressures of the lifestyle and earned 6 Oscar nods in the process. The BGF girls enjoyed the film and we think it’s worth the watch."-BGF

**Added below are two of my favorites**
Las Cartas de Alou: This movie was so moving when I saw it a few years ago in a Spanish Film class. But now that I've lived in Spain and have actually met and become good friends with immigrants from Africa and Brazil, it hits home even more. The story follows Alou, an African immigrant, on his journey to a better life in Barcelona. Even though faced with many setbacks and obstacles, Alou perseveres. Alou's story is one that is well-known throughout Spain and the director was able to use real life experiences and stories from immigrants to mold this inspirational tearjerker.  
Vicky Cristina Barcelona: This sexy, romantic, drama directed by Woody Allen would have anyone wanting to catch the next flight to Barcelona. The luscious plot includes two young women vacationing in Barcelona who find themselves suddenly in a love square(four people, not the usual triangle of 3) with a couple of passionate Spanish painters/lovers. My advice to you is grab a glass of Sangria and some tapas and get ready to transport yourself into 'Una Zona EspaƱola'...

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  1. I've only seen Motorcycle Diaries and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I need to see the other two! Good list!