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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good ( & Quick) Eats: NYC

While visiting NYC a few weekends ago, the girls and I had to do something that everyone must do to survive-EAT! But of course, for me, eating is not only for nourishing my body, but also satisfying my taste buds and indulging my greedy side ;) Most of our time was spent in lower Manhattan, on the West Side. We were so busy indulging in the summer sales and seeing the sites that we had little time to eat! But our most notable stops for quick, delicious and nutritious vittles included; Soho Park for lunch, The Coffee Shop for brunch, The Ice Cream Factory (sorry no pics, all cameras were dead..) in Brooklyn and FROYO from a food truck for dessert. All in all, we ate well and had a great couple of days in the Big Apple.

After four weeks of playing big sis and tour guide, I'm thinking of starting my own student exchange program....stay tuned!
You got me! These zucchini fries were delish, albeit very oily....The dipping sauce was amazing though! @Soho Park
My tired, hungry girls enjoying the first bites of their salads! @Soho Park
Andrea's(from Spain) first Veggie Garden Burger. She killed it! @The Coffee Shop
FROYO!!! I bought the sunglasses from a street vendor on Prince St near Mott Ave. Love them!

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