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Monday, July 30, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: New Beginnings

This past weekend was filled with life transformations. I attended my Pre-Orientation for Graduate School(yes, there will be a big announcement soon!) and one of friends' baby shower! The Pre-Orientation was really long, but very informative. Between noshing on treats from the bakery, Au Bon Pain, I listened attentively to the director of the program speak about the strenuous class schedule and extensive travel opportunities (Kenya, Beijing, & Addis Ababa to name a few...).

Sunday, Andrea, my Spanish exchange student and I attended my friend, Patricia's baby shower. The baby shower was especially special because Patricia is from Spain, a country whose culture does not include baby showers. Traditionally in Spain, a week after the baby is born, friends and family individually visit and bring gifts to the new parents. Interestingly enough, while Patricia was opening gifts her mother leaned over to tell me that she'd only seen baby showers in American movies, lol! There were people from other Spanish speaking countries as well, like Colombia and Ecuador, so I had a quick opportunity to practice my Spanish(as I so desperately need to!).

This weekend reinforced to me that:

Life is never dull with Constant Change & Transformation(Sesa Woruban-Adinkra Symbol)

Best, most unique, and adorable idea ever!! I wish I'd thought of it, but I'm stealing it!
Patricia & Andrea playing "How Big is My Mommy?"And Papa Nick walking up!
2nd Best Idea Ever! A 2-tiered cake made of diapers!!
Me and my Patri (and little Chloe inside)!

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