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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: Change is upon us!

Whew, what a summer it has been! Between moving back to the United States from Spain, hosting two 14 year old girls at my home, trying to catch up with friends and family, and preparing for my upcoming first year of GRADUATE SCHOOL, the last three months have been a blur. And yes, I said it, one of my changes this Fall will be starting my Masters of Public Health in Global Health Communications at George Washington University. I am super excited and nervous at the "same damn time" :-o Getting a Masters in Global Health will afford me the opportunity to combine my three passions in life: Promoting health, Traveling, and Learning about different cultures. Stay tuned because in my department, TRAVEL is strongly recommended.

My department prepares students to work in a field in which they bring clean water, medication, and safe sex practices(amongst other things) to underserved populations throughout the World!
And as far as the blog goes, I'll continue to do weekend trips updates (I'll be going to the Made In America Music Fest in Philadelphia next weekend!!), recommendations from my experiences while traveling, and quick, inexpensive recipe posts-this idea was inspired by the blog: Noms for the Poor(cooking is my new found love). But I'm really excited about my friend's month long trip to Paris in October. While in Europe she'll also be visiting Dusseldorf, Germany and London. As a gracious favor to me and as a way for her to document her trip, she'll be guest blogging during her time away. YAAAAAY US! So keep your eyes peeled for what's in store during this new chapter of my life and Will Work For Trips!

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  1. Nice!!!!! I'll be reading the guest blogger!!!!!!!!!