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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Washington, DC: The Frederick Douglas House

I've been a resident of Washington, DC for the last 9 years and I'm always pleasantly surprised at how many new sights can be discovered every day. After returning from Spain, while hosting  a Spanish exchange student, I was able to uncover(for myself) some (not so) hidden treasures. One fabulous find was the 1800's former slave, abolitionist, writer, orator, business man, and TRAVELER, Frederick Douglas' House in the Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast Washington, DC. This house sits atop a hill on about 15 acres of land. Douglas purchased the house in 1877 for $6,700(equivalent to more than ten times that now) and named it Cedar Hill. The house boasts 22 rooms and an immaculate, unobstructed view of the US Capitol and DC skyline from the porch. I was amazed at how pristine and well-kept the house and its artifacts were. From the desk where he wrote his speeches to the bedroom where he worked out(there was an original dumbbell on the floor!!), one can tell how well off this man was. I could write and write about the other details of the home but I won't. Come to D.C. and see for yourself.
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Gorgeous view from the porch!
I've always wanted a rocking chair and porch!
Douglas' desk with his signature top hat sitting in the chair on the left.
I'm definitely going to have at least one custom made trunk!
Douglas' signature trunk for traveling

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  1. This place is one of the place I always wanted to visit myself..and I grew up here LOL!