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Thursday, September 27, 2012

It Was All A Dream: Le Marais

Christian suggested I share my adventures on Will Work for Trips. I'm a thirty-something blog abandoner who likes to share her unflinchingly honest troubles and triumphs and I just happen to be taking a month-long jaunt for Paris in less than two weeks. I plan to write about my adventures, the people I meet, and my success and failures as I go. I'm going to live like a Parisian boheme and thought you might enjoy watching! Here's my story:

I'm about to realize a dream. I'm going to Paris. Visiting for an entire month. I've saved no money. Made no real plans. I'm just following my travel bud and getting on a plane. I remember the night Lyneka told me she was going to give up her address for a few months to travel. I didn't think she sounded crazy at all. It sounded exhilarating and I wondered how could I do something like that?

Every now and then I like to challenge myself by doing something a little bit out of the ordinary and slightly difficult for me. I've ridden my bike 100 miles across the five boroughs, canvassed the city for homeless people in the wee hours of the morning, and I've even taken a trip on the subway in my underwear in the thick of winter. A month ago, Lyneka posted a comment suggesting that we could take a month long jaunt to Paris and stay in one of the most loveliest apartments I've ever seen on the apartment sharing site, Airbnb. The idea dazzled me. I had the time and I didn't have any excuses not to go.

Over the past three months, I've been trying to fit myself into a job function, job title and failing. I don't know what I want to do and I'm just going to be ok with that. I haven't shared a post in very long time and this trip is the ultimate cure for writer's block (I hope). In the upcoming weeks, I'm going to experiment with creating from where I and with what I have and without knowing where I'm going. I'm going to pay attention to the present and when opportunities occur which I'm unsure I'm going to say "yes" instead of "no." I'm going to have an entire month off from being concerned about not knowing what I want and see what happens. I'm about to make the City of Lights my giant writing workshop. And, even better I'm going to experiment with living in Paris for a month for less than you do at home. (Because I am broke.) Lyneka and I are about to become two little travel bugs, sharing our stories, adventures, tips, and secrets, from Paris, the literary capital. You can discover what she sees, eats, smells, hears and photographs on her blog, "From Paris to Brooklyn: Discovery, Wine and Dining"

In my true introspective fashion, I'm taking a deep breath and putting faith that this adventure is for my good and it will all work out in the end. Come along on our journeys! 

                                                                                                         - Frantzie

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goodwill(Retrospect Vintage) Thrift Store: Philadelphia

Location: 508 South Street
 Yes, yes, my sister in fashion and I made it our FIRST priority after indulging in our hotel's Happy Hour to trek the more than 45 minute walk over to South Street to do some thrift shopping. I will take full responsibility for this excursion. While we were trying to find our hotel(My friend-tracking our route via Google Maps on her phone), I was googling "Goodwill Philadelphia". I know, I'm always the designated finder of the most important things :) After seeing the list of more than five locations, I called the one closest to our hotel and was pleasantly surprised when the sales associate informed me that they weren't a "regular Goodwill" but a vintage boutique that was run by Goodwill with prices ranging from $5-18(accessories, tops, and bottoms). SCORE!!

Fast forward-while perusing the THIRD vintage shop on our way to Goodwill we realized that we only had ONE HOUR to spare before the Goodwill was about to close. So as we hurriedly gathered our goodies I asked one of the sales associates, who by that time was more like a personal shopper than anything, if the Goodwill was close and worth the walk. Umm, yea, so you'll never guess what she said....."Well, if you are looking for the Goodwill on South Street then you are already here". I was like, WHAT??? This super cool, eclectic, chic vintage boutique is NOT Goodwill. But alas, it was. Needless to say we shut the store down spending more than two hours there shopping and entertaining fellow shoppers and the attendants with our antics.....Here is what we bought and some shots of the store..

Also check out one of the sales associates, Laura's blog: She is so cute and stylish!
And check out Goodwill's new Fashion Blog!

The store was so well organized!
Sequins, Shiny gold, Embroidery, and Fringes! Each piece was under $18!!
Black Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket with Hood-$78!!
Prints galore and Transition pieces! Each piece under $14!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Made In America Music Festival: Pics & Such

"Epic", "Amazing", "I could die happy now". These were all quotes coming from fellow concert goers as Jay-Z and Kanye West left the stage sipping champagne and the burst and lights of fireworks filled the night sky of Day 1. I thought to myself, "This is/was incredible!!!". I've been to many concerts in my life but never one of this epic proportion with so many big names and over 40, 000 attendees. It's something that I've always wanted to do and now I can cross it off my bucket list :) I attended the two day Made In America Festival and felt a little like I'd been transported back into the 60s at Woodstock (but of course the rappers replaced the rockers and we were in an urban park, not a field, amongst other things). The crowd was diverse in fashion and culture just like the music. We jammed to the grittiest southern rap, i.e. Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group and to the every energetic Janelle Monae. Some of us took our lives into our own hands by attending mosh-pit creating acts like Odd Future and the DJ set by Calvin Harris. All in all with turkey legs, funnel cakes, and all the beer one could buy to keep us energized (and the Duracell charging mat stations kept our phones charged!), we had a unforgettably good time!
Day 1-Entrance was a little bananas...
Everything had an American theme that weekend.

The Fashion.......
My ever Fab in Fashion Sister & Shopping Partner in Crime! Day 1
Legalize it! Hahahahahaha
Me-Both days, showing off wares from Urban Outfitters and Spain!
And here she is again! Day 2 (My other friend peeking around from behind her, lol)

The Fun....
Taking a much needed break from stage hopping.
The HULA Queen!
The Freedom Tent-where one goes to get hot, sweaty, and dirty....
She did not share her hula hoop with anyone!!
The Music.....
G.O.O.D. Music: Common, Kanye, Pusha T, Big Sean, & 2 Chainz
Let's GO!!!
Thank ya'll, Goodnight!
They went out with a BANG!!
 Thank you Philadelphia, I shall return....

Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: Staycation: SpaWorld-Centreville, Virginia

photo source
Rest.......and.......Relaxation.....These two words are music to my ears. If you are like me, who would love to be pampered at least once a month, but can’t really afford the big spa price tag, then this post is for you! SpaWorld in Centreville, Virginia, is one of the most relaxing places one can visit. It's located a mere 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC, so it's close enough to get away from it all without being too far from home. Priced at only $35(cheaper with their frequent Groupon deals), you have full range of the entire facility, which includes two sides with hot and cold therapies. The "Wet Side"(separated by gender because bathing suits are not allowed) includes the locker room, a section for receiving scrubs (I LOVE the scrubs!!), and pools of varying temperatures to soak in at 10-15 minutes at a time. The "Dry Side-->" includes several dry saunas, a lounging area with plush leather couches and chairs, big screen tvs, and a restaurant and juice/snack bar. My favorite dry sauna has a colored rock ceiling that creates a huge mural like picture of an enchanted forest with deer, flowers, mushrooms, and birds. So as you sweat out all of your impurities, possibly becoming woozy, your mind won’t hesitate to drift off and be transported to an alternate relaxation universe…..Every time I go it's truly one of the most relaxing experiences that I've ever had.

If you don’t live in the Washington, DC area, just search the internet for Korean spas to find one near you. I know for sure that there are other Korean spas in New York and LA.

**Also check out where you can find $50 spa treatments offered for a week twice a year in many cities and spas across the country.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Warrior & New Music: Made In America Festival-Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

The only other thing that would be a better end to my first week of grad school would be sunbathing on a beach in Panama, Jamaica, or Puerto Rico…….but, alas, I’ll take my second best option, attending the Budweiser Made In America Music Festival with good friends in the city of Brotherly Love-Philadelphia, PA. Day 1 has already come to an end and wrapped up with purchases from a few vintage boutiques on South Street and of course a Philly Cheesesteak from Jim's Steaks(veggie one for me of course ;)!
Now we are gearing up for Day 2: I'm ready to start listening to the melodic musical musings of songstresses like Jill Scott and brilliant, 16 bar rhymes by rappers like Jay-Z, I hope to be transported into a Woodstock-esque dreamland, if only for the two days during this Labor Day holiday weekend.

And whatever you are doing this weekend be safe and grateful for the day off! Enjoy some samplings of music from some of the new artists that will be performing…..

Meet Prince Royce who has been dubbed by some the King of Bachata Urbana. This is one of my favorite Bachata Songs!!!

Odd Future, in short, is a music collective redefining what hip-hop music is from Ladera Park, Los Angeles, California.

Recently approved by the R&B powerhouse Beyonce, Rita Ora is rapidly gaining popularity. Check out the song that Beyonce says she has on repeat.