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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goodwill(Retrospect Vintage) Thrift Store: Philadelphia

Location: 508 South Street
 Yes, yes, my sister in fashion and I made it our FIRST priority after indulging in our hotel's Happy Hour to trek the more than 45 minute walk over to South Street to do some thrift shopping. I will take full responsibility for this excursion. While we were trying to find our hotel(My friend-tracking our route via Google Maps on her phone), I was googling "Goodwill Philadelphia". I know, I'm always the designated finder of the most important things :) After seeing the list of more than five locations, I called the one closest to our hotel and was pleasantly surprised when the sales associate informed me that they weren't a "regular Goodwill" but a vintage boutique that was run by Goodwill with prices ranging from $5-18(accessories, tops, and bottoms). SCORE!!

Fast forward-while perusing the THIRD vintage shop on our way to Goodwill we realized that we only had ONE HOUR to spare before the Goodwill was about to close. So as we hurriedly gathered our goodies I asked one of the sales associates, who by that time was more like a personal shopper than anything, if the Goodwill was close and worth the walk. Umm, yea, so you'll never guess what she said....."Well, if you are looking for the Goodwill on South Street then you are already here". I was like, WHAT??? This super cool, eclectic, chic vintage boutique is NOT Goodwill. But alas, it was. Needless to say we shut the store down spending more than two hours there shopping and entertaining fellow shoppers and the attendants with our antics.....Here is what we bought and some shots of the store..

Also check out one of the sales associates, Laura's blog: She is so cute and stylish!
And check out Goodwill's new Fashion Blog!

The store was so well organized!
Sequins, Shiny gold, Embroidery, and Fringes! Each piece was under $18!!
Black Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket with Hood-$78!!
Prints galore and Transition pieces! Each piece under $14!


  1. I need to hit this place up next time I'm in Philly! I've found a couple places in MD though, one in Bethesda, and then some more closer to where I live. I need to get pics and post about them :) Inspiring as always!

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