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Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: Staycation: SpaWorld-Centreville, Virginia

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Rest.......and.......Relaxation.....These two words are music to my ears. If you are like me, who would love to be pampered at least once a month, but can’t really afford the big spa price tag, then this post is for you! SpaWorld in Centreville, Virginia, is one of the most relaxing places one can visit. It's located a mere 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC, so it's close enough to get away from it all without being too far from home. Priced at only $35(cheaper with their frequent Groupon deals), you have full range of the entire facility, which includes two sides with hot and cold therapies. The "Wet Side"(separated by gender because bathing suits are not allowed) includes the locker room, a section for receiving scrubs (I LOVE the scrubs!!), and pools of varying temperatures to soak in at 10-15 minutes at a time. The "Dry Side-->" includes several dry saunas, a lounging area with plush leather couches and chairs, big screen tvs, and a restaurant and juice/snack bar. My favorite dry sauna has a colored rock ceiling that creates a huge mural like picture of an enchanted forest with deer, flowers, mushrooms, and birds. So as you sweat out all of your impurities, possibly becoming woozy, your mind won’t hesitate to drift off and be transported to an alternate relaxation universe…..Every time I go it's truly one of the most relaxing experiences that I've ever had.

If you don’t live in the Washington, DC area, just search the internet for Korean spas to find one near you. I know for sure that there are other Korean spas in New York and LA.

**Also check out where you can find $50 spa treatments offered for a week twice a year in many cities and spas across the country.

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