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Monday, September 10, 2012

Made In America Music Festival: Pics & Such

"Epic", "Amazing", "I could die happy now". These were all quotes coming from fellow concert goers as Jay-Z and Kanye West left the stage sipping champagne and the burst and lights of fireworks filled the night sky of Day 1. I thought to myself, "This is/was incredible!!!". I've been to many concerts in my life but never one of this epic proportion with so many big names and over 40, 000 attendees. It's something that I've always wanted to do and now I can cross it off my bucket list :) I attended the two day Made In America Festival and felt a little like I'd been transported back into the 60s at Woodstock (but of course the rappers replaced the rockers and we were in an urban park, not a field, amongst other things). The crowd was diverse in fashion and culture just like the music. We jammed to the grittiest southern rap, i.e. Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group and to the every energetic Janelle Monae. Some of us took our lives into our own hands by attending mosh-pit creating acts like Odd Future and the DJ set by Calvin Harris. All in all with turkey legs, funnel cakes, and all the beer one could buy to keep us energized (and the Duracell charging mat stations kept our phones charged!), we had a unforgettably good time!
Day 1-Entrance was a little bananas...
Everything had an American theme that weekend.

The Fashion.......
My ever Fab in Fashion Sister & Shopping Partner in Crime! Day 1
Legalize it! Hahahahahaha
Me-Both days, showing off wares from Urban Outfitters and Spain!
And here she is again! Day 2 (My other friend peeking around from behind her, lol)

The Fun....
Taking a much needed break from stage hopping.
The HULA Queen!
The Freedom Tent-where one goes to get hot, sweaty, and dirty....
She did not share her hula hoop with anyone!!
The Music.....
G.O.O.D. Music: Common, Kanye, Pusha T, Big Sean, & 2 Chainz
Let's GO!!!
Thank ya'll, Goodnight!
They went out with a BANG!!
 Thank you Philadelphia, I shall return....

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  1. Amazing!!!! Great post, great times with great friends/family!!