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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Warrior & New Music: Made In America Festival-Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

The only other thing that would be a better end to my first week of grad school would be sunbathing on a beach in Panama, Jamaica, or Puerto Rico…….but, alas, I’ll take my second best option, attending the Budweiser Made In America Music Festival with good friends in the city of Brotherly Love-Philadelphia, PA. Day 1 has already come to an end and wrapped up with purchases from a few vintage boutiques on South Street and of course a Philly Cheesesteak from Jim's Steaks(veggie one for me of course ;)!
Now we are gearing up for Day 2: I'm ready to start listening to the melodic musical musings of songstresses like Jill Scott and brilliant, 16 bar rhymes by rappers like Jay-Z, I hope to be transported into a Woodstock-esque dreamland, if only for the two days during this Labor Day holiday weekend.

And whatever you are doing this weekend be safe and grateful for the day off! Enjoy some samplings of music from some of the new artists that will be performing…..

Meet Prince Royce who has been dubbed by some the King of Bachata Urbana. This is one of my favorite Bachata Songs!!!

Odd Future, in short, is a music collective redefining what hip-hop music is from Ladera Park, Los Angeles, California.

Recently approved by the R&B powerhouse Beyonce, Rita Ora is rapidly gaining popularity. Check out the song that Beyonce says she has on repeat.

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  1. Is Prince Royce there? And I've never heard of this thing...I really need to get hip to the concert scene LOL!!!!!!!!!

    And I need to see this "Veggie Philly CheeseSTEAK" because I've never heard of it lol.