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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guest Post by Frantzie: Paris and My iPhone

Memories are so much better than photos, but I thought I'd share some here.

La Siene in the evening.
A peek at the Obama's America Exhibit at Dorothy's Gallery.
Dorothy's Gallery. The most contemporary American art gallery in Paris.
Paris on a shoestring. Schwarma for under 10 Euros from Chez Hanna. 

Berthillion. Best Ice Cream in Paris.

Peach glace from Berthillion.
Afterwork at VIP Room. One of Paris' most famous night spots.

Le Comptoir General. A unique Parisian hideaway. Ask for the "Seccou."

Inside Le Comptoir General. 
Velib - Paris bike share. Best way to travel around the city.

Inside Le Loir dans la Theiere.
Traditional US Hot Dog from La Mosaique in Le Marais.
Brioche, relish, ketchup and fresh mustard from La Mosaique in Le Marais.
La Mosaique - Pat's US Hot Dog in Le Marais. 
Le Loir dans la Theiere. Tea shop in Le Marais.
L'as Du Falafel in Le Marais. Best Falafel ever.
The Frog & Princess. Monday Night Football overseas? Come here.
Schwartz's Deli. The Parisian version of Katz's deli.

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