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Monday, November 19, 2012

Guest Post by Frantzie: Living My Best French Life on a Super Low Budget

Pictures of Paris 

The pictures in this collection are courtesy of my iPhone. My photos focus on all of the people, places, and establishments that I visited. I took these photos during random moments. And, many of these places were inexpensive. Some of these places were referrals or I just stumbled upon them. I'm not a photographer, but I have eyes and I love making memories. 

Walking in Paris is amazing and I spent almost the entire time doing so.

The Jardin du Luxemborg

Joggers running in the beautiful Jardin du Luxemborg.


I was told you haven't seen Paris unless you've seen the Louvre, but there are so many gems of a museum in Paris like the Musee du Quai Branly that features indigenous art from all cultures. I took in the History of Hair exhibit.

The late Princess Diana's flame.

People still come by from all over to write heartfelt messages along the wall.

I found this in the lobby of the W Hotel near Opera.

Thanks to @pintszdinfluence who blogs at we discovered this abandoned building turned art street haven in Pantin, just outside of Paris. You can learn more about it here

We discovered two artists/photographers at work near Pantin. You can find their work here

I asked him could I tag my name, but my travel mate reminded me that I could lose my passport. 

That's me climbing over the median to get to the abandoned warehouse.

The Louvre is amazing, but you really don't know the history of Paris until you visit the Musee Carnavalet. Most of the national museums are free every first Sunday of the month. 

Sacre Coeur, a popular landmark.

You can see most of Paris from Sacre Coeur.

We had the pleasure of attending a poetry slam/reading at Shakespeare & Company bookstore.
The man I caught standing in front of the sign was fitting for the night.

We had the pleasure of listening to the talented poet and writer Aja Monet. You can find Aja's work in poet Saul William's new collection of poems, Chorus.

It was a packed house at the bookstore. So, we listened to Aja's poems from outside the store, in the rain. What's sexier than listening to poetry while sitting in the rain in Paris?

There are works of art and artisanship all over Paris. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Kehinde Wiley's exhibit.

Kehinde, the man.

More free exhibits. Hollywood's Paris exhibit at the Hotel de Ville.

The Hotel de Ville.

I took in some night life at places like Noire Platine.

Millefeuille from Angelia Cafe on Rue de Rivoli.

Paris has some of the best, velvety, rich and thick hot chocolate I've ever experienced. 

In Paris, even Starbucks are fancy.

Cave la Bourgogne.

Caribbean food in Paris at Babylon.

The McBaguette looked so tasty. But, I couldn't give it a chance.

Karaoke in French? Visit St. Michel Pub.

Paradisiaque. Paris has some of the best (inexpensive) restaurants ....

...and deserts look like this.

I love a good cocktail and Ballroom has it....

The drinks catch on fire and are served by cute French waiters like this...

When you're in Paris on a Wednesday, visit Earth's Kitchen, where they love the ladies. Drinks are free for ladies from 8p.m. to midnite. 

Barbershop in Oberkampf on Ave de la Republique was my most memorable destination. And, DJ Baba Flex is now my favorite international DJ. Look out on their calendar to see when they host their Friday Paris Soirees playing the best in classic hip hop, R&B, and soul. 

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