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Saturday, January 12, 2013

London Markets: Brick Lane, Borough, and Brixton

Cheap eats, unique shopping, smells galore, and great people watching! These are the most important things I look for in a good market experience. While making my tourist rounds in London the three markets I visited: Brick Lane, Borough, and Brixton, did not disappoint. As luck would have it, every time I started my journey I was famished and on the hunt for an inexpensive but delicious meal and fortunately was able to find a food stand that made my taste buds smile. Even though I didn't purchase a lot of clothing or trinkets, I still enjoyed perusing the stalls looking at the various wares; vintage and handmade.

Brixton Market: Brixton Tube Stop
-Good food (African, Caribbean, and Asian)
                -Arrive before 3pm for lunch as most restaurants close around 3 or 4 to prepare for their dinner opening.
-African Textile(fabric) Shops
-Vintage Clothing
-African and Caribbean Grocers

Handmade bags and jewelry from a co-op stall that sells goods from various designers. One designer was very helpful in recommending a few lunch spots for me to try.
More from the same shop.
Yummy Caribbean food!
Small but filling portion of Ackee and Saltfish with a dumpling on the side. I asked for another dumpling, I love those little fried balls of dough! This Caribbean specialty only set me back 5.50 pounds.
I heard they had amazing seafood "pancakes". I was disappointed that I arrived 5 minutes after they'd closed for lunch. Next time!

Borough Market: London Bridge Tube Stop (located directly across the street)
-A foodie's dream
-Prepared food, restaurants, and fresh meat, cheese, vegetables, and wine and spirits for sale

Midday Snack From Fish! Kitchen: Risotto Ball with cheese, haddock fish, and onions! Less that 3 pounds :)

Brick Lane: East London
-Vintage Stores & Unique Boutiques
-Middle Eastern Restaurants
-Cool Graffiti
-Market Hours: Sundays 10-6
My Brick Lane Tour Guide aka my silly friend.
I love these maps! They are all over London. They're super detailed maps of where you are, your surrounding area, and what sites you will cover by walking 5-15 minutes. 

These jackets are from a booth near the rear. The owner had the most unique, albeit expensive, pieces at the market. Make sure to check out the sale rack, everything was 15 pounds!
Best Street Food EVER!
I couldn't believe I got all of this for only 5 pounds! It was rice, edamame, spring rolls, salad, and shrimp tempura. They also serve them with chicken tempura. Arrive early as I heard that there's always a line....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Graffiti in London: Brick Lane

I love seeing unique graffiti pictures and paintings in different parts of the world. Here are a few shots from my quick jaunt through Brick Lane in London.

Air Guitar Solo!


I had to help some older folks out with directions, lol!

Happy New Year from London! 2013

I have to say that this was one of the best new years eves that I've ever had. I was in great company while I ate well, saw fireworks, and danced the night away! Apart from feeling overdressed with sequins and 5 inch heels in a sea of sneakers and jeans, I forgot how casual Europeans are, I had an amazing time. We started dinner around 10:30pm, rushed over to near the Thames river to see the fireworks, and got lost trying to find Arena Club, across from the Stockwell Tube Station. After finally making it to the club around 1:30, we danced to R&B, Rap, and Reggae, until right after 4am, not getting home until almost 6am.....Luckily the buses and trains were free between 11:30pm and 4:30 am, allowing the roadways to be drunk driver free. But coincidentally the trains and buses were filled with drunkards, loud and proud, lol!

Being away from home bringing in the new year signifies more travel, adventure, and chances for broadening my horizons and constantly evolving and appreciating the world around me. My hope is that you all brought in the new year wonderfully as well!

Dinner with my Spanish, Peruvian, and Argentinian friends!
Jalea(fried shrimp, mussels, octopus, etc) The El Peruano Rincon is across the street from the Elephant-Castle Tube Station).
London Town fireworks!!

Partying all night longgggggg! Arena Club