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Friday, February 15, 2013

Washington, DC: The Hamilton Live: Cody Chesnutt

Last night, yes, Valentine's Day evening, my girl friend and I attended our first show at the newly opened Hamilton Live, at the previously occupied space of Barnes & Noble on the corner of 14th & F Streets NW, a few blocks from the White House. The Hamilton is a restaurant on the street level and a restaurant and live performance space on the lower level. Walking down the steps and entering into the "underground" live space, we were in awe of the elegant ambience that surrounded us. We were also in awe of the fact that the show, a performance by soul singer Cody Chesnutt, only cost $17! A great, fiscally responsible evening was had while being serenaded by the melodic musicality of Cody Chesnutt. Chesnutt is famously known for his 2002 song, Seed 2.0 featuring The Roots band. Much to our surprise, Chesnutt only sang songs from his latest album, Landing on One Hundred, which was released in 2012. But the fact that he didn't sing any of his old music did not keep us from dancing in our seats, waving our hands, and snapping our fingers, thoroughly enjoying the new, crisp sound of his new music. D.C. was the last stop on the North American leg of his tour, but if you're in Europe check him out at one of these various cities!

My favorite line from Till I Met Thee: "I was a stranger in a foreign land before I met thee..."