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Friday, March 15, 2013

Road Trip Music: Hiatus Kaiyote (Washington, D.C.)

"It's Jill Scott meets Little Dragon at Foreign Exchange's studio when D'Angelo drops by." This is a very accurate description of  new Australian  indie-pop/soul group Hiatus Kaiyote, from Huffington Post's Wyatt Closs' articleHonestly, I could not have described  Hiatus Kaiyote any better. In fact, I actually did describe them as Little Dragon with an extra dose of soul, when sharing their musical genius with a friend a few weeks ago. Anyway, I digress. Coincidentally, I was introduced to Hiatus Kaiyote on a Saturday(a month ago) and LITERALLY three days later a dear friend of mine, DJ Munch, posted a picture of them on Facebook announcing that he was putting together a concert, here in D.C., featuring the group on Monday, March 18th!!!! Sometimes the stars just align right in time. I couldn't think of a better way to get together and celebrate all Pisces, myself and Munch included, with the United States debut of this dynamic group. So even though I won't be traveling to see Hiatus Kaiyote, they'll be traveling here, to NYC, SXSW, Chicago, and California, making them the perfect selection for Road Trip Music. Get your Washington, D.C. Tickets HERE, starting at only $10! Until Monday, enjoy my favorite song from their debut album Tawk Tomahawk, Nakamarra below.....

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  1. loved to se your blog, appericiated you effort to work to make fun during road trips by your amazing music, great idea! thanks for sharing with us.keep rocking.