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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Guest Post by Tamyra: Wanderlust: A Series of Summer Flings Las Vegas

Due to interesting circumstances, I ended up in Vegas for 7 days with my parents. It was HELLA hot (pun intended) and pretty monotonous (wake-up, wander down the strip, wander through casinos, eat at fine restaurants, repeat). We made the most of it, however, and it ended up being an overall great trip. We all know that Vegas has great shopping, gambling, drinking, restaurants (Joe's Seafood in Caesar's Palace was superb) and casinos, but I was also pleasantly surprised by some detours on and off the Grid.

This was such a joy to watch! The soundtrack made me nostalgic and the art direction was amazing. My mother and I had a great time! I'm sure all Cirque Du Soleil's would pale in comparison.

The Bellagio had a small gallery and they were featuring Warhol's work. I'm not super familiar with his work, but I really enjoyed his self portraits and was amazed by the details he captured via silk screen.

By far, my favorite part of the Vegas trip was a short 30 minute drive to Red Rock Canyon. This scenic 13 mile loop drive was peaceful, serene and had beautiful views. It was the perfect capstone to a great family vacation. Apparently, even Sin City has a softer side.


  1. Red Rock looks pretty nice

  2. "wake-up, wander down the strip, wander through casinos, eat at fine restaurants, repeat" really monotonous. Not bad idea of a good trip. And how it was in casino? Do you have a big wins? If you're not a great gamer you can use some tips
    Don't go gambling, go win!

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