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Monday, September 30, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Miracles bring about change

Change is inevitable. We cannot stop it. As much as we want to, change will occur in our lives for a multitude of reasons. As we all start our weeks, let us be reminded that change is good. Change is positive. Change can be what you make it. Change can come in the form of newly formed relationships that alter your life or in old relationships that alter their meaning in your life.

My meditation mantra today is: Today I will be open to the presence of miracles. I will accept the presence of miraculous relationships.
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I'm embracing change by breathing life into freshly forming and transforming relationships. Let's go forth together, be mindful and enjoy the journey that change brings us.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Boston: Shopping on Newbury Street and Massachusetts Ave

The Boston Tea Party, Crispus Attucks and The Boston Massacre, The Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, and so on and so on are the events and places that usually come to mind when Boston, Massachusetts is thought of for most people. But wait, this is me that's typing! As much of a history fanatic as I am, sometimes when only given a few hours in a new city, I skip the museums and hop on-hop off bus tours and do what I do best: SHOP 'TIL I DROP! And to my credit, this trip to Boston was more about giving than taking (buying). The trip was planned as a new baby gift to my friends who've just had twin girls! I gifted them 5 nights of nanny service so they could get a few more hours of sleep. As my reward, I was able to sneak out for a few hours to bike through Boston shopping my tail off! With the few hours I had, I visited thrift and vintage stores on Massachusetts Ave and new clothing boutiques on Newbury Street. Check out my delightful discoveries below. Scroll to the bottom of the page for location details and a list of shops I wish I'd had time to visit.

I made it across the Charles River bridge on Massachusetts Ave on my rented Hubway bike. The bike rental system is super easy and cheap to use!
This store is chock full of summer goodies: printed tees, tanks, denim shirts and jackets, maxi skirts, and open knit sweaters. 
Notice the YOLO sign. I love it! You Only Live Once
This boutique has two locations on Newbury Street, one is a bit larger than the other. 
All of my favorite colors to wear-coral, turquoise, and peachy nude!
I was torn about which dress to purchase so I decided on these Irregular Choice shoes instead. On sale $50! Blue is my new POP color. Now I just have to find a bag in the same color. 
Dresses, dresses, and more dresses!!! And a few pieces of jewelry and other complementary items. 

For some strange reason I couldn't find one clothing item that spoke to me enough to purchase it here. But I continued to browse and chat with the shop attendant....keep reading...
I wanted to put my bags down, sit cross-legged style with a cup of iced tea and just stare at this mural all afternoon long.
The perfectly dressed couple! 
And then I saw this.....*takes a deep breath* This is by far one of the most unique pieces that I've ever purchased IN MY LIFE!! $30=priceless
Goodwill: $5 shirt and $6 lavender, suede skirt- YES PLEASE!
I thought this was a joke. As I'm checking out I see a brown and black pair of size 8 (I'm a 7 1/2) YSL suede pumps and my mouth dropped. I was thinking "Wait, but I'm in Goodwill." And the plot thickens. They were in pristine condition and were only $30. "I'll take them both!", says the oh so savvy shopper. The brown pair ran a bit big so I gave them to the new mommy! Fashion karma is real...

Brandy MelvilleOnline Shop!
Lit Boutique: Website!
Lipstick Boutique293 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115
Phone:(617) 267-6900
Goodwill520 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone:(617) 868-6330
Oona's: Website! 1210 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone:(617) 491-2654
Other Vintage Shops:
Bobby from Boston: Dubbed the best Men's Vintage store in the country!
The Garment District: Website! 200 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Phone:(617) 876-5230

Shopping: Little Five Points Atlanta, Georgia Vintage and New

As you may be able to tell, no trip of mine is ever complete without a shopping detour. While in Atlanta for my family reunion, after having seen all of the remarkable historic but usual tourist stops (MLK's Ebenezer Baptist Church and MLK's casket site) I revisited one of Atlanta's best kept secrets: Little Five Points. Most of my conventional shopping family members did not know about Little Five Points until being enlightened by moi! A few were pleasantly surprised and delighted to join me on my jaunt, but others, the more timid, shied away. Here's what we found! Note: After spending three hours walking up and down Moreland Ave, I, shopper of the millennium, had not been tempted to buy ONE THING! I think I was just tired and hungry (never stopped me before),  but not the recommended way to start a shopping trip. Enjoy my Little Five Points pictography!

The Vortex restaurant was the perfect landmark and beginning point for us. I heard the burgers are great!
Thrift store/costume shop/ & anything else obscure they can get away with selling!
What an immense space!
Costume Shop
Cute duck print skirt that can even be worn to work.
My fashion sister entering Wish Boutique: Men and Women's On-trend Fashion
Aztec prints and mixed fabric garments are ready for any summer music festival!
Funky print sneakers atop faux book shelves.
Jumpsuits and body con dresses perfect for a night of club hopping.
Or this fab floral dress that can be worn to brunch and/or during a shopping trip! This little number was $25 on sale! Disclaimer: The chain strap broke the next morning and she had to fix it herself (No refunds on sale items).
Thrift Store with great low prices!
From The Clothing Warehouse, a chain thrift/vintage store on the corner of Euclid and Moreland Ave. I loved this dress but would have had to have it altered-no bueno. Plus, it was around $40 and I don't spend more than $25 on any non-leather/fur item in a thrift store-period.