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Monday, September 30, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Miracles bring about change

Change is inevitable. We cannot stop it. As much as we want to, change will occur in our lives for a multitude of reasons. As we all start our weeks, let us be reminded that change is good. Change is positive. Change can be what you make it. Change can come in the form of newly formed relationships that alter your life or in old relationships that alter their meaning in your life.

My meditation mantra today is: Today I will be open to the presence of miracles. I will accept the presence of miraculous relationships.
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I'm embracing change by breathing life into freshly forming and transforming relationships. Let's go forth together, be mindful and enjoy the journey that change brings us.

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  1. This mantra of your's is truly inspirational. We should all except the changes around us with open arms and shoud take it as a challenge. Nothing can remain constant in this world forever.